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   Department   Department of Nichiren Buddhism, Faculty of Buddhist Studies
   Position   Professor
■ Book and thesis
1. Article Study of the Seated Statue of Tōyama Inaba Nyūdō ―A Member and Contributor of the Nichiren-shū in Kamakura during Sengoku Period―  pp.33-45 (Single) 2020/03/20
2. Article Brief Description of Historical Material: Genealogical Sources of a Nichiren-shū Temple in the Medieval Period  pp.1-21 (Single) 2015/03
3. Article Nichiren's View of Persecutions  pp.369-371 (Single) 2011/03
4. Article The Ceremony Book of Nichiren Buddhisum in the Middle Ages: Sogenji-temple in Mobara City   (Single) 2011/02
5. Article Gyo^gakuin Nitcho^s' Library  pp.248-255  (Single) 2010/03
6. Article A Ceremony to Appoint a Priest of the Nichiren Sect in the Middle Ages  pp.307-318 (Single) 2009/07
7. Article The Wood-block of Hokekyo^ in Meiji Period: About Nichirenshu^ Daikyo^in Version  pp.139-154 (Single) 2009/05
8. Article On the Works of Gyo^gakuin Nitcho^  pp.704-711 (Single) 2009/03
9. Article The Activities of Gyo^gakuin Niccho^  pp.345-346 (Single) 2008/03
10. Article Gyo^gakuin Niccho^ and Minobusan Kuonji: Among the Succession of the Chief Priest and the Retired  pp.315-332 (Single) 2008/02
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■ Academic background
1. 1983/04~1987/03 〔Doctorial Course〕, Accomplished credits for doctoral program