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   Department   Department of Law, Faculty of Law
   Position   Professor
■ Present specialized field
Key Word:Adult Education,Environmental Education,Teacher Education,Adult Education,Environmental Education,Teacher Education 
■ Book and thesis
1. Article Meaning of "Joint Study" in a Citizens callege - Case study of Higashikurume City- Annual Bulletin of the Institute of Humanistic Sciences Rissho University (40),pp.133-143 (Single) 2003
2. Article A view of grasping NGOs latency-Settlement to pedagogic studies. International Education Studies pp.129-136 (Single) 1999
3. Article Making of Local Agenda 21 through Participatory Learning : Case Study of Eco-city SHIKl  pp.67-75 (Single) 1999
4. Article Diffusion of Neighbourhood Centers in the Communty-Based System of Citizens Public Hall-Present Situation and Problem of Local Branches of the Citizens Public Hall in Nagano Prefecture- Studies in Lifelong Learning and Adult Education pp.1-19 (Collaboration) 1998
5. Article An Examination on the Educational Theory of Seiichi Miyahara and Several Current Issues for Its Succession Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education The University of Tokyo. pp.311-331 (Collaboration) 1997
6. Article Four Years of Eco-Communication Center-An introduction to alternative learning- Studies in Lifelong Learning and Adult Education pp.1-9 (Single) 1997
7. Article Historical Review of Environmental Education : A study on the Relation between School and Society Bulletin of the Graduate School of Education The University of Tokyo pp.457-464 (Single) 1996
8. Article The Current State and Issues of Guidance Manuals for Forest Interpreters-Cases in the Advanced Nations of Forest/Environmental Education and Japan- Review of Forest Culture pp.183-194 (Collaboration) 1996
9. Article The Current State and Issues of Technical Training for Forest Interpreters in Japan Transactions of the Japanese Forestry Society pp.57-62 (Collaboration) 1995
10. Article The Current State of Prefectural Residents Forests and Activities of Forest Interpreters There-Cases in the Kanto Region- Review of Forest Culture pp.267-284 (Collaboration) 1995
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■ Book and thesis
1. Book Pedagogy on Environment and Development   (Collaboration) 1998
■ Research topic, funded research, and department laboratory expense
1.   Study on Environmental Education as non-Formal Education  (Key Word : non-Formal Education,Environmental Education)
2.   Study on NPOs' role in Education  (Key Word : NPO,role in Education)