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   Department   Department of Literature, Faculty of Letters
   Position   Associate Professor
■ Present specialized field
English (Key Word:William Shakespeare, John Dryden, Restoration Literature,William Shakespeare,John Dryden,Restoration Literature) 
■ Book and thesis
1. Article Imitating Shakespeare: "Friendship" in Dryden's All for Love Annual Bulletin of the Johnson Soicety (41),pp.1-6 (Single) 2017/07
2. Article Doing Literature in English Language Teaching  pp.1-16 (Collaboration) 2015/03
3. Article Travelling Lovers: An Essay on Modern Adaptations of Romeo and Juliet  pp.105-124 (Single) 2014/03
4. Article Power and People in Nahum Tate's The History of King Lear  pp.29-38 (Single) 2012/03
5. Article The Mixture of Romance and Politics in Thomas Otway's The History and Fall of Caius Marius The Academic Journal of the Faculty of Letters pp.17-32 (Single) 2011/03
6. Article Maritime Empire in John Dryden's Early Poetical Works The Journal of the Faculty of Letters pp.51-72 (Single) 2010/03
7. Article Must the King Draw the Sword of Justice? : Law and Rebellion in Absalom and Achitophel Metropolitan (49),pp.3-24 (Single) 2005/03
■ Book and thesis
1. Book For Space   (Collaboration) 2014/03
2. Book Reappraisals : reflections on the forgotten twentieth century   (Collaboration) 2011/12
3. Other Adaptation and Shakespeare  pp.3-15 (Single) 2020/03
■ Academic background
1. 2004/04~2007/03 〔Doctorial Course〕, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Accomplished credits for doctoral program
2. 2002/04~2004/03 〔Master Course〕, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Completed,
3. 1998/04~2002/03 Tokyo Metropolitan University, Graduated,