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   Department   Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics
   Position   Professor
■ Book and thesis
1. Article Political Economy in Tradable Emissions Permits The quarterly report of economics 65(3.4),pp.59-78 (Single) 2016/03
2. Article Welfare and Market-Access Effects of Piecemeal Tariff Reforms on the Environmentally Preferable Products Journal of International Trade and Economic Development 23(6),pp.796-814 (Single) 2014/09
3. Article Trade, Environment, and Market Access: Policy Reforms in a Small Open Economy Environment and Development Economics 19(2),pp.173-181 (Single) 2014/04
4. Article Endogenous Lobby Formation and Endogenous Environmental Protection with Unilateral Tariff Reduction Environmental and Resource Economics 57(1),pp.41-57 (Single) 2014/01
5. Article Price and Quantitative Restrictions of Trade and Environment in an Open Economy Quarterly Report of Economics 63(2),pp.31-50 (Single) 2013/11
6. Article Welfare and Market-Access Effects of Piecemeal Tariff Reforms on the Environmental Goods The Economic Society of Fukushima University Discussion Paper (78) (Single) 2011/12
7. Article Electoral Competition with Environmental Policy as a Second Best Transfer Resource and Energy Economics 33(3),pp.477-495 (Single) 2011/09
8. Article Trade and Environment: Piecemeal Policy Reforms and Market Access The Economic Society of Fukushima University Discussion Paper (72) (Single) 2011/07
9. Article Unilateral Reforms of Tariffs and Pollution Taxes in a Large Open Economy 商学論集 78(4),pp.53-64 (Single) 2010/03
10. Article Welfare-improving Reforms of Environmental Policy in a Large Open Economy 商学論集 78(2),pp.1-13 (Single) 2009/12
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■ Academic conference presentation
1. 2018/06 Tourism tax/subsidy and the privatization of public firm in a mixed oligopoly (Western Economic Associations International 93rd Annual Conference)