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   Department   Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Business Administration
   Position   Associate Professor
■ Book and thesis
1. Article Rethinking Global Jinzai Policy: Exploring University Students' Attitudes JALT Postconference Publication  (Collaboration) 2020/08Link
2. Article Delusion in The Woodlanders  pp.32-47 (Single) 2019/09
3. Article Children's Education about Marriage in the Nineteenth Century  (56),pp.25-51 (Single) 2014/01
4. Article Marriage Affected by Community: Reconsideration of Relationship in The Mayor of Casterbridge The Bulletin of the Thomas Hardy Society of Japan pp.34-54 (Single) 2013/09
5. Article Bridal Imagery in Gothic Writing  (29),pp.33-46 (Single) 2009/03
6. Article The Community of Fellowship-A Reconsideration in Far from the Madding Crowd  pp.82-101 (Single) 2008/09
7. Article Beyond the Frame of the Genre: To What Extent is Thomas Hardy's Far from the Madding Crowd a Gothic Romance?  28,pp.19-32 (Single) 2008/04
■ Academic conference presentation
1. 2019/01 The realities of global talent in Japan: Educational policies for internationalization on the ground at a mid-tier university (25th Anniversary Japan Studies Association Conference)
■ Academic background
1. 2003/04~2012/03 〔Doctorial Course〕 Department of English and American Literature, Graduate School, Division of Letters, Aoyama Gakuin University, Completed, PhD
2. 2006/10~2007/12 〔Master Course〕 Victorian Literature and Culture; Relocating Modernity, School of English and American Literature, University of Reading, Completed, Master of Arts
3. 2001/04~2003/03 〔Master Course〕 English and American Literature, Graduate School, Division of Letters, Tokyo Woman's Christian University, Completed, Master of Arts
4. 1997/04~2001/03 Department of English and Aerican Literature, Faculty of Literature and Science, Tokyo Woman's Christian University, Graduated, Bachalor of Arts
■ Belonging society
1. 2008/04~ The Thomas Hardy Society of Japan
2. 2008/04~ The Brontë Society of Japan
3. 2008/04~ The Victorian Studies Society of Japan
4. 2019/10~ The English Literary Society of Japan
5. 2019/10~ JALT