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   Department   Department of Social Welfare, Faculty of Social Welfare
   Position   Assistant Professor
■ Present specialized field
Social welfare 
■ Book and thesis
1. Article The changing of tuberculosis beds at the National Tuberculosis Sanatorium during the postwar era   (Single) 2021/08/31
2. Article Changes in the Remarks on Nanbyō (Intractable Diseases) in the National Diet   (Single) 2020/03
3. Article The role of User Understanding in relation to the Training of a Social Worker  pp.117-124 (Collaboration) 2017/03
■ Academic conference presentation
1. 2018/07/04 Changes in the Remarks on Intractable Rare Diseases in the National Diet in Japan (Social Work, Education and Social Development (SWSD) 2018)
■ Academic background
1. 〔Master Course〕, Fukui Prefectural University, Completed,