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   Department   Department of Clinical Psychology, Faculty of Psychology
   Position   Associate Professor
■ Present specialized field
Clinical psychology 
■ Book and thesis
1. Article ”Amae” and Adolescence:Comments on KOBAYASHI and KATO's Article  pp.135-139 (Single) 2022/04/08
2. Article A Cross-cultural Comparison of Landscape Montage Technique (LMT) between Japanese Students and Students from the U.S. 静岡大学心理臨床研究 18,pp.3-11 (Collaboration) 2019/12
■ Academic conference presentation
1. 2019/10 The relationship among imagery, boundary in the mind, and dream recall (7th International European Society for Trauma and Dissociation Congress)
■ Academic background
1. 2001/04~2003/03 〔Master Course〕, Kyushu University, Completed,
2. 1996/04~2000/03 University of Tsukuba, Graduated,