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   Department   Department of History, Faculty of Letters
   Position   Professor
■ Present specialized field
History of Asia and Africa (Key Word:History of China,History of China) 
■ Book and thesis
1. Article Woman Engraver in the Tripitaka in Sung Edition. Annual bulletin of the insttitute of humanistic sciences RISSHO UNIVERSITY (50),pp.41-55 (Single) 2013/03
2. Article On tijiof dongchansi-zang at the Fuzhou under the Song dynasty;Mainly the arrangement of material and the problem ANNUAL BULLETIN OF THE INSTITUTE OF HUMANISTIC SCLENCES RISSHO UNIVERSITY pp.17-48 (Single) 2011/03
3. Article A Study of Beijing Edition of Tripitaka in Ming Dynasty(1). The Journal of the Faculty of Letters, Rissho Univerity pp.81-106 (Single) 2003/03
4. Article Tripitaka and Block Cutter in the Yuan Period,-a List of Block Cutter in Tripitaka in Yuan Edition- The journal of the Faculty of Letters, Rissho University pp.29-58 (Single) 2000/09
5. Article Tripitaka and Block Cutter in Song period, A List of Block Cutter in Tripitaka in Song Edition. The Journal of the Faculty of Letters Rissho Unirersity pp.29-53 (Single) 1999/09
6. Article From Hongwu-nanzang to Yongle-nanzang in the Early Ming Dynasty. Komazawa Shigaku(Journal of Historical Studies) pp.218-239 (Single) 1998/06
7. Article A Review on Source Studies of the Tenkai Edition of the Tripitaka. RISSHO SHIGAKU (The Historical Reports of Rissho University) pp.43-60 (Single) 1995/03
8. Article On the Cace and Volume Number of Nan-Zang during the Ming Dynasty. THE BUKKYO SHIGAKU KENKYU (The Journal of the History of Buddhism) pp.142-157 (Single) 1994/07
9. Article On the Verious Versions of the "Guo-qing-Bai-lu". THE BUKKYO SHIGAKU KENKYU (The Jouranal of the History of Buddhism) pp.20-39 (Single) 1991/10
■ Academic background
1. 1984/04~1987/03 〔Doctorial Course〕, Accomplished credits for doctoral program