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   Department   Department of History, Faculty of Letters
   Position   Professor
■ Present specialized field
Key Word:Religion, Object,Religion,Object 
■ Book and thesis
1. Article Religious monuments at modern age  pp.28-31 (Single) 2000/08
2. Article A life and Culture of Sato-shugen(Priest of shugendo)at early-modern age-Case by Daisen-in, Ohmama, K(]E86CC[)zwke- Gunma Rekishi Minzoku pp.25-44 (Single) 2000
3. Article Diary and Folkfor-anote on"Daisen-in-Nikki"- A World of Folk and Archaeology pp.49-65 (Single) 2000
4. Article Sato-shugen(Prierst of shugend(]E86CC[))in Nitta district-by T(]E86CC[)ZAN Sect- Gunma Bunka pp.49-57 (Single) 2000
5. Article Clay tablet drawn Image of Buddha-on object from Any(]E86CC[)ji sutra mound-  pp.11-16 (Single) 1999/09
6. Article Some problems of Religious Archaeology at Mediaeval age. A bulletin of Yamanashi archaeological Laboratory, Teikyo university pp.149-165 (Single) 1997
7. Article A Study of a shrine(Hakai-Dai-Gongen)and people of modern age Study of document of Gumma Prefecture pp.1-35 (Single) 1995
8. Article A Study on Mountain Religion of Mediaeval Age and Archaeological object Annual Reports of the Yamanashi cultural properties Research Institute in Teikyo-Univ. pp.14-16 (Single) 1993
9. Article Folklore for People Shinano pp.58-85 (Single) 1993
10. Article "Mushi-Kiri-Gama"(Ritural Sickle)and common People Mingu(Folk tool)Monthely  (Single) 1992
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■ Book and thesis
1. Book A study of Halo from the Komachi-tsuka sutra mound, Ise Archaeological perspective  (Single) 1996
2. Book Walk on tomb-Aguide Book for Study on "Kohun"period-   (Collaboration) 1993
■ Research topic, funded research, and department laboratory expense
1. 1989~  Study on object of Mountain Religion  (Key Word : Folk Religion,Mountain,Object)