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   Department   Department of Law, Faculty of Law
   Position   Professor
■ Present specialized field
■ Book and thesis
1. Article Representative System against Representation: Representative Democracy in the Age of Populism The Japanese Journal of Political Thought No. 22 A New Era of Democracy pp.7-34 (Single) 2022/05/01Link
2. Article Do referenda mean direct democracy?  pp.198-208 (Single) 2022/03/01Link
3. Article The Possibility of a Non-sovereign Political Body: The Concept of Communitas Communitatum in the History of Political Thought The Annuals of Japanese Political Science Association pp.36-55 (Single) 2019/06Link
4. Article Tanzan ISHIBASHI following the end of the purge in 1951 (2) Journal of the History of Rissho University (3),pp.3-19 (Collaboration) 2018/03Link
5. Article Tanzan Ishibashi on Parliamentary Democracy and Journalism The Liberal Thoughts pp.25-39 (Single) 2016/08Link
6. Article Tanzan ISHIBSHI following the end of the purge in 1951 Journal of the History of Rissho University pp.5-23 (Single) 2016/03Link
7. Article Can Deliberation Make the Legislature More Respectable? - A View from Political Philosophy  1,pp.207-218 (Single) 2015/06Link
8. Article Tanzan Ishibashi and his Realism - from Rissho University's viewpoint -  pp.42-50 (Single) 2012/12
9. Article 日本の政治文化における合理性と科学  37(2) (Single) 2004/03
10. Article Rationality and Science in Japanese Political Culture: Masao Maruyama and his Studies on the Intellectual History of Japan Rissho Law Review pp.220-234 (Single) 2004
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■ Book and thesis
1. Book The Politics of Multiculturalism  pp.41-72 (Collaboration) 2020/06Link
2. Book Political Science and Digitalization - Global Perspectives  pp.229-246 (Collaboration) 2019/07Link
3. Book Hanna Pitkin, The Concept of Representation, translated by Makoto Hayakawa   (Single) 2017/12Link
4. Book Representative Democracy as a Political Thought   (Single) 2014/06Link
5. Book Contemporary Political Theory   (Collaboration) 2006/03
6. Book Historical Developments of Political Concepts   (Collaboration) 2004/05
7. Book Access to Political Philosophy   (Collaboration) 2003
8. Other The Possibility of Local Commons in Japan  (36) (Collaboration) 2018/04Link
9. Other Piketty's view and representative democracy   (Single) 2016/09Link
■ Academic conference presentation
1. 2019/12/08 Dignity in a society just starting to diversify: The current state of hate speech regulation in Japan (Kobe University International Conference in Political Theory)Link
2. 2017/12/04 Development of Japanese Political Science in the Era of Digitalization: Historical Background and Institutional Changes (IPSA/AISP 2017 International Conference in Hannover, Germany)Link
■ Lecturer and lecture
1. 2022/11/15 Civil Society and DemocracyLink
2. 2003/08 Rationality and Science in Japanese Political Culture (Dunedin, New Zealand)
■ Academic background
1. 1994/04~1997/03 〔Doctorial Course〕 Political Studies, Department of Law and Politics, The Graduate School of Tokyo University, Completed, Ph.D(Political Science)
■ Belonging society
1. 2004/08~ American Political Science Association
2. 2006/07~2007/03 International Political Science Association