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   Department   Department of Interpersonal and Social Psychology, Faculty of Psychology
   Position   Professor
■ Present specialized field
Industrial / Organizational Psychology 
■ Book and thesis
1. Article Elderly drivers reluctant to quit in Japan's car-centered society   (Single) 2019/08Link
2. Article Social support for developing career design in youth : How should we work on the reality that more than 30% of university graduates resigns within three years?  pp.79-89 (Single) 2017/03
3. Article Exploring of the life design theory  pp.77-87 (Single) 2016/03
4. Article The Awakening of Traffic Cultural Psychology:The New World of the 21st Century as Seen from Traffic's Window  pp.55-64 (Single) 2014/03
5. Article The Background of Instability in Employment among the Young People in Japan and the Career Education Challenge, Memoirs of the Kokushikan University Center for Information Science (35),pp.1-18 (Single) 2014/01
6. Article An Issue on Automotive Society in Europe From the viewpoint of environment and aged problem  (155),pp.71-85 (Single) 2011/03
7. Article The possibilities of the help to the elderly who are forced to abandon driving licenses Japanese Journal of Applied Psychology 34(2),pp.166-170 (Single) 2009/03
8. Article The Low-Risk Taking Attitude of Professional Old Drivers: We propose to introduce a Discriminative Reaction Test for Multiple Performance instead of the test in the present mandatory course for the elderly Japanese Journal of Applied Psychology 30(2),pp.87-92 (Single) 2005/03
9. Article The shift towards American-style human resource management systems and the transformation of workers' attitudes at Japanese firms Asian Business & Management 4(1),pp.23-44 (Single) 2005/03
10. Article 日本人研究者の在外研究の意義:英国シェフィールド大学での研究活動を含めて 政経論叢 (130),pp.125-144 (Single) 2004/12
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■ Academic conference presentation
1. 2016/07/29 Introductin speaker concerning Analysis of Personal Attitude Construct for Diagnosing Single Cases Operationally, Qualitatively and Quantitatively (by Dr. Naito.) (ICP2016)
2. 2016/07/28 A study on overconfidence of elderly drivers:a comparison between men and women (ICP2016)
3. 2016/07/27 Introductin speaker concerning Aging of the Intellectually Handicapped persons in Bangladesh and Japan (by Dr. Sufi.) (ICP2016)
4. 2016/07/27 The study about the influence that the life event of the office worker gives in work ethic and carrier awareness (with Ueno Yuki) (ICP2016)
5. 2004/09/06 Driving behaviours of elderly drivers in the daily lives (International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology)
6. 2002/07/11 A Low-Risk-Taking Approach: Helping the Elderly Drive Safer (International Congress of Applied Psychology)
7. 2001/11/06 A study on overconfidence of old drivers : we propose to include estimations of personality traits in the legal traffic safety courses for the elderly (Japanese Association of Traffic Psychology)
8. 2000/09/05 A study on driving aptitude tests for the elderly in Japan (International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology)
■ Academic background
1. 1994/11/15
Degree Acquisition
Waseda University,
2. 1981/04~1983/03 〔Master Course〕, Graduate School, Division of Letters, Waseda University, Completed,
3. 1977/04~1981/03 Faculty of Literature, Waseda University, Graduated,