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   Department   Department of Environment Systems, Faculty of Geo-Environmental Science
   Position   Professor
■ Book and thesis
1. Article Fission track geochronology of Itoshima Granodiorite and Sawara Granite in the Gokayama area, northern Kyushu: timing of hydrothermalactivity in Cretaceous granitoids Chikyu Kagaku (Earth Science) 67,pp.1-8 (Collaboration) 2013/09
2. Article Thermal history of the Oku-iwa Rock, East Antarctica : examination at Rb-Sr and Sm-Nd mineral isochron ages Polar Geoscience 19,pp.109-117 (Collaboration) 2006/10
3. Article Provenance of Paleozoic-Mesozoic sedimentary rocks in the Inner Zone of Southwest Japan: An evaluation based on Nd model ages Gondwana Research 9,pp.142-151 (Collaboration) 2006/01
4. Article Whole rock geochemistry and Sr isotopic compositions of Phanerozoic sedimentary rocks in the Inner Zone of the Southwest Japan Arc Gondwana Research 9,pp.126-141 (Collaboration) 2006/01
5. Article Geochemistry of the pre/syn-metamorphic granite in the Ongul Islands, East Antarctica Polar Geoscience 18,pp.114-129 (Collaboration) 2005/10
6. Article Geochronological study of post-metamorphic granite from Kasumi Rock, Lutzow-Holm Complex, East Antarctica Polar Geoscience 17,pp.35-44 (Collaboration) 2004/10
7. Article Nd-isotopic composition of Phanerozoic sediments in the Inner Zone of Southwest Japan Arc : implications on provenance characteristics and contribution to formation of mature island arc system Proc.Japan Acad.Ser.B 80(1),pp.1-9 (Collaboration) 2004/01
8. Article Miocene granites and the Hishikari gold deposit in Kyushu Geological Survey of Japan, Interim-Report 28,pp.61-80 (Collaboration) 2003/08
9. Article Rb-Sr and Sm-Nd isotopic geochronology of the granitoid and hornblende biotite gneiss from Oku-iwa Rock in the Lutzow-Holm Complex, East Antarctica Polar Geosci. 15,pp.46-65 (Collaboration) 2002/10
10. Article Mineral chemistry of granitic rocks in the Lutzow-Holm Complex, East Antarctica Journal of Faculty of Culture and Education, Saga University pp.169-178 (Collaboration) 2001/03
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■ Book and thesis
1. Book Petrogenesis of Plutonic Rocks in the Ryukyu Arc, Japan The Academic Pilgrimage to Sustainable Social Development pp.137-169 (Single) 2018/03