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   Department   Department of Interpersonal and Social Psychology, Faculty of Psychology
   Position   Professor
■ Present specialized field
Social psychology, Educational psychology 
■ Book and thesis
1. Article Differences in Cognition of Facial Expression of Nursing Students and Skilled Nurses Using Infant Pictures  pp.23-29 (Collaboration) 2023/03/31
2. Article Theoretical Outlines of four occupational-stress models.  pp.1463-74 (Single) 2023/03/31
3. Article Composition and Relationship between Team Attributes and Effectiveness of Interprofessional Collaboration Teams in Psychiatric Care The Journal of Psychology Rissho University pp.35-46 (Collaboration) 2022/03/31
4. Article Influences of daily stressors on emotional stress responses among university students The Journal of Psychology Rissho University pp.19-34 (Collaboration) 2022/03/31
5. Article Research Trends in Patient Satisfaction Scales for Nursing Care  pp.1-11 (Collaboration) 2021/03/31
6. Article A Trial of Psychoeducational Group Leadership Training (5):Evaluation of Training Effects by Self-rating Scales.  pp.27-36 (Collaboration) 2014/03
7. Article A Trial of Psychoeducational Group Leadership Training (6): A Training Program of Dialogue Based on Appreciative Inquiry Interview. The Journal of the Institute of Psychology Rissho University pp.65-75 (Collaboration) 2014/03
8. Article Baseline respiratory sinus arrhythmia and heart-rate responses during auditory stimulation of children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Perceptual and Motor Skills pp.967-975 (Collaboration) 1997/06
9. Article Age differences in characteristics of the attention process of electrodermal activity during auditory stimulation. Perceptual and Motor Skills pp.403-410 (Collaboration) 1994/08
10. Article Use of running exercises for preschoolers with mental retardation as a means of improving play or school activity. Perceptual and Motor Skills pp.571-578 (Collaboration) 1994/04
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■ Book and thesis
1. Book Handbook of Applied Psychology   (Collaboration) 2022/09/30
2. Book James E. Birren, James E. Lubben, Janice Cichowlas Rowe, & Donna E. Deutchman (Eds.) 1991 The concept and measurement of Quality of life in the frail elderly. San Diego: Academic Press.   (Collaboration) 1998/09
3. Book Harold H. Kelley, & John W. Thibaut 1978 Interpersonal relations: A theory of interdependence. John Wiley & Sons.   (Collaboration) 1995/11
4. Book Jonathan Miller (Ed.) 1983 States of mind. London: British Broadcasting Corporation.   (Collaboration) 1988/11