(Last updated : 2023-05-17 23:24:30)
   Department   Department of Data Science, Faculty of Data Science
   Position   Assistant Professor (Lecturer)
■ Present specialized field
Mathematical physics and fundamental theory of condensed matter physics, Statistical science, Sports sciences (Key Word:Sports Statistical Science, Statistical Physics, Social Physics) 
■ Book and thesis
1. Article Validation of a motion model for soccer players' sprint by means of tracking data Scientific Reports 13,pp.865 (Collaboration) 2023/01Link
2. Article Preferential model for the evolution of pass networks in ball sports Physical Review E 103 (Collaboration) 2021/03
3. Article Space evaluation in football games via field weighting based on tracking data Scientific Reports 11,pp.5509 (Collaboration) 2021/03Link
4. Article Clustering algorithm for formations in football games Scientific Reports 9,pp.13172 (Collaboration) 2019/09Link
5. Article Lifetime distributions for adjacency relationships in a Vicsek Model Physical Review E 100 (Collaboration) 2019/09
6. Article Examination of Markov-chain approximation in football games based on time evolution of ball-passing networks Physical Review E 98 (Collaboration) 2018/11
7. Article Statistical properties for directional alignment and chasing of players in football games Europhysics Letters 116 (Collaboration) 2017/01
8. Article Degree distribution of position-dependent ball-passing networks in football games Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 84(8) (Collaboration) 2015/07
9. Article Statistical properties of position-dependent ball-passing networks in football games Physica A 412(15),pp.157-168 (Collaboration) 2014/10
■ Academic background
1. 2014/04~2017/03 〔Doctorial Course (2nd Semester)〕, Waseda University, Completed,
2. 2012/04~2014/03 〔Master Course〕, Waseda University, Completed,
3. 2008/04~2012/03 Waseda University, Graduated,